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Mathieu Brun (Mathieu Brun)


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Prancuzų k.

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iki 15 km
Užsiregistravo: 2020-08-28

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Hey I'm Mathieu, I'm 27 years old french Geotecnical Engineer. I already have experience giving lessons in France (Spanish, French and physics). I have a unrivalled experience teaching French to Lithuanians because my girlfriend is from Vilnius and I taught her and her friends French from zero to fluent. I think, it's quite difficult to learn French for a none Latin language speaker but with a good teacher, everything becomes possible. I am really open for the needs of the students in term of what they want to learn and how. I know it can be very different from one person to another. For example: speaking a lot or doing more theorical exercises. I can be more strict or relaxed, it depends what works best for you. I can give lessons at my place or at yours. We could even meet in a park or in a coffee/bar (if it's calm). I also have a list of some good series, films, podcasts, simple books, exercises you can watch/listen/read at home to practice. I am very excited to meet you!

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Prancuzų k. (12 /val.)


I already gave French, Spanish, physics and mathematics lessons for adults and children.


I am French so I know all the grammar rules perfectly.

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